Where Are Our Manners?!?

Where Are Our Manners?!?

A big part of the preorder tradition when getting a watch is that you get a discount as an incentive! We were in such a rush to get the announcement up, that we failed to convey this very important point.

So to be clear - the 1858 will retail for $358 AFTER the preorder period!

If you order DURING the preorder period, the price is $285!

Sorry about that ; )

A $58 US deposit, then final payment of $227 when the watch ships to you.

Anyone who knew me growing up in Oberlin, Ohio should see the significance in some of these numbers ; )


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This is a steal at this price point for a windup movement, and a well-curated, well-integrated components list. Good luck finding a better deal for even a quartz movement but for a windup? I pre-ordered mine already.

D.N. Mason

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