The Trouble With Discounts and Sales

The Trouble With Discounts and Sales

And why there will never be one for the Oberlin Watch Company on the official Oberlin Watch Company online store - at least as long as I am running it ; )


I like a discount as much as the next guy. And no doubt that just like me, you get hundreds of emails, Facebook posts, etc. every week offering discounts. I mean, c'mon! Why should you pay full price when you can get it for 20, 30 or even 40% off?  In the watch business, this has really gotten out of hand, as it creates distrust and uncertainty as to just what the real price of the watch is. If a watch is priced at $500.00, but then a "special" sale takes place every 6 weeks where the price is actually slashed by 30% or more, it does not exactly lend a lot of certainty as to the true value of the watch.

When I decided to fully commit and make a large production run of OBIE watches, I made the conscious decision to go against typical pricing and "semi-annual" sales practices. Owing to this, I also decided to sell the watch at what was a very fair (my suppliers and early reviewers said too low) price. At $97.97 I feel strongly that it is not only a fair price, but a better price than you will find for anything of similar quality. I am, of course, biased ; )

So for those of you out there waiting for a sale, discount code or coupon, I am sorry to tell you that it is not coming any time soon. But I do hope you can look past that and agree that for less than $100, the OBIE watches represent a good value.



Hi, James! I’m one erratic wearer of any watch these days, or I’d be sporting one of these handsome models on my arm. But I am mighty glad your Oberlin watch has stirred up so much enthusiasm, and I think you’re one smart lad to state your terms so clearly. Continued success!
AND I like that you’re still teaching classes, that you’ve a zest for life, that you and your wife seem to have such a loving relationship.

Jeanne Bay

James, you did it! It’s handsome; it’s original; it makes me smile. I’m not much a watch wearer anymore – but if I were, I’d sure be checking out the passing moments on this beauty. I think your business decisions, clear and cogent, are just right; may your beauties sweep the market and find a home on many an Oberlin arm. Merry Christmas!

Jeanne Bay

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