Packaging - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Packaging - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

So curious to relate, when this little project started I had NO intention of delivering the watches in any sort of packaging. My feeling was that watch boxes were wasteful, used once then either thrown away, or left to rot in a basement or attic. 

But then I learned that A LOT of the OBIE1s were going to be given as gifts, and it became clear that there would need to be something. In Oberlin we have always tried to be responsible in terms of the environment, so in the spirit of up cycling, I located packaging (boxes) that another watch company was not able to use and purchased them.  One small problem? They had the (other) company's logo on them, both inside and out. But with the (admittedly) dodgy skills I tried in vain to sharpen in Ms. McKevoy's art class at the Oberlin Middle School, I purchased several cans of Krylon spray paint in blue and red, and got to work.

The result was a quirky, fun look for the packaging. Each one, quite literally, painted one at a time.  Each one is a little different and wonderfully unique. These "artisan" boxes are only available for the first 100 pieces, of which there are only a handful left, so act fast ; )

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